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Micro GSM GPS plotter anti spy detector and spy camera

Micro GSM GPS plotter anti spy detector and spy camera

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  • Detects GSM spy microphones, cameras and GPS trackers
  • WIFI camera detection
  • GPS plotter detection
  • Detection of GSM microphones listening in real time
  • Portable, easy to use
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detecteur camera espion

Portable WIFI Camera Spy Detector

Small, easy-to-use portable anti-spy detector, equipped with LEDs to indicate the presence of a surveillance device in a room in your home, office or vehicle.

By looking through the viewing window you could locate the spy camera with great efficiency.

Capable of detecting WIFI spy cameras thanks to its WIFI signal detection device.

GPS tracker and micro GSM detector in real time

The detector is able to locate GPS trackers without difficulty because in general GPS trackers use the GSM network and are equipped with a SIM card.

The detection distance of the laser camera: from 10cm to 50cm

The radio signal detection distance: from 5cm to 2m

Radio frequencies between 1 Mhz and 6500Mh


Lithium battery

Rechargeable lithium battery 

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Détecteur de siganl
rating 5 5 0.5
Achat vérifié

appareil anti-spy très sensible et efficace

pas mal
rating 4 5 0.5
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ce n'est pas le meilleur mais ça dépanne