4G GPS tracker up to 120 days

4G GPS tracker up to 120 days

  • 4G GPS tracker, 4G technology provides better coverage, accuracy and speed
  • Free app compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Real-time tracking
  • Excellent high precision GPS location
  • Motion Alert
  • Alert when leaving the defined area
  • Autonomy up to 240 days
  • Battery level alert
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in powerful magnet (Possibility to place it outside a vehicle for example)
  • Essential SIM card (not supplied)
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4G GPS Tracker up t120 Days 

This excellent long-range GPS tracker will satisfy you if you want to have the position of your vehicle live. It is a very powerful GPS and easy to use. 

This excellent 4G GPS tracker with long battery life is perfect if you want to track the real-time position of your vehicle.

Thanks to 4G technology, you'll have better coverage, accuracy, and speed than 2G trackers.

Using the free iOS and Android-compatible app, you can track your vehicle's movements from anywhere in the world. You can also use the SMS tracking option, which is more economical for battery usage.

One very useful option is the zone exit alert, which notifies you if your vehicle leaves a designated area.

If the device moves, it can automatically send an SMS alert to authorized numbers containing its GPS coordinates.

This long-lasting GPS tracker is specifically designed and optimized for vehicle tracking, with high precision and extreme durability.

Equipped with a large 10,000mAh battery, this GPS tracker has an impressive battery life (up to 120 days in standby mode) before needing to be recharged.

When the battery level is low, don't worry, a notification will be sent to your phone to remind you to recharge it.

Waterproof GPS Tracker without Subscription

This waterproof feature is important and appreciated because it allows you to place the GPS tracker outside the vehicle without any worries.

Magnetic GPS Tracker

With its powerful magnet, this GPS tag can be easily attached to the car. It is also used as an anti-theft GPS tag to protect your valuables or merchandise during transportation.

Product delivered with:

USB charging cable.

User manual accessible online.


GPS tracker with high precision

This GPS tracker has a great precision


Large battery

10000 mAh very large battery is integrated 

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Un traceur GPS 4G avec une excellente autonomie de batterie, pratique et efficace !