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Discreet micro recorder in an external battery 60 days

Discreet micro recorder in an external battery 60 days

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  • Micro spy recorder long duration
  • Sound detection recording for up to 60 days
  • Continuous recording 384 hours
  • External battery to recharge your electronic devices (Smartphones)
  • Option to listen directly from the device to your recordings via the headphones provided
  • Magnetic
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Micro spy recorder long autonomy

Perfect for making long-lasting recordings discreetly thanks to this external backup battery which hides a very efficient micro recorder.

Ideal if you want to record your meetings over a long period, it is able to offer you an autonomy of 60 days in sound detection and 384 hours continuously.

Thanks to its appearance and its use as a PowerBank it will not arouse suspicion because it is a real external battery capable of recharging your Smartphone for optimal discretion.

The recorder also has a strong magnet which allows you to place it in strategic places easily.

The range of the microphone is up to 12 meters around the product.

Listen to your recordings directly from the spy recorder

You have supplied headphones with which you can listen to your recordings from the device or transfer them to your computer using the cable supplied on a Windows or Macintosh PC.

The sound quality is excellent and optimized for personal or professional use.

very easy to use, you don't need specific software to play your recordings on your PC, the VLC software is perfect for example.

Compatible with Mac and Windows PC.

Product delivered with:

USB charger cable.



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Très discret comme enregistreur
rating 4 5 0.5
Achat vérifié
C'est un bon enregistreur avec une très bonne qualité de son, l'idée de l'avoir en batterie externe est assez astucieuse.
Utile comme micro enregistreur et batterie
rating 5 5 0.5
Achat vérifié
Marche super bien, très bonne autonomie ! tout est stable pas de bruit de fond ou autre ! Nikel !